By now, you probably have received a mailer telling you that on 1st May 2017, your hospitalisation and surgical plan ( Supreme Health and Total Health) will be going through PREMIUM REVISION.

Oh no. Again?

Yes, the 3 guarantees in life. Death, Taxes and Rising Health costs. I will talk about the issue of rising health cost in a separate post.

A revision has to come with justification. A revision has to come with additional benefits. In this post, I will talk about the MAJOR additional benefit that the company have added that makes us DIFFERENT.


Most of my clients will call me when any mishap happened.

“Doctor ask me to go for a surgery…..can claim anot?”

I will then check if they have any exclusions in the policy, before assuring them that as long one is hospitalised for 12 hours or more with a room and board charged or a surgery listed in the table of surgery, you can be covered.

Although we provide a Letter of Guarantee, one have to pay an upfront payment of estimated charges and claims is still subjected to approval and subsequently reimbursed.

Now, all these will change.

In a non-emergency case, you can call 6563 2233, 3 business days prior to pre-authorise your claims. Once approved, you do not need to pay an upfront deposit. Just go for your procedure, while we will settle the claims directly with the hospital. You just need to recover well and not have to worry about the claims or cash outlay.

Pre auth


Have a medical issue and not sure who to consult? Which doctor is good? Which doctor is recommended?

Call 6563 2233.

Not only do we have a panel of 130 specialists across 20 medical disciplines, we will book an appointment for you, saving you from all the hassle and time. The panel of specialists are selected based on:

  1. Minimum 10 years of practice
  2. Accredited by Singapore Ministry of Health Specialists Accreditation Board to practice as a specialist
  3. Registered under relevant speciality by the Singapore Medical Council
  4. Untainted background
  5. Not associated/penalised for any major medicolegal and negligence practices

This ensures that you get the appropriate medical attention needed.

List of Panel of Specialist (I will be doing an extensive post on the list next)


And of cos, Health Connect is not to make my job easier. It is to make the process easier for you. I can still be contacted at 9459 7410 for your queries.

This video below sums it all up.


Health Connect Video

By now, have you remembered the number already?

6563 2233





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