If you are one of the lucky few (or unlucky few, as a client put it. “is it because we have a higher risk of cancer?”) to receive a red envelope from the company, I hope you have not thrown it away!

This Early Cancer 2.0 (terrible name, I know. You are not the first who thinks that) is an exclusive product being offered to selected policyholders. Sign up period ends 30th Apr 2017.

Benefits and Plan types

For the sake of those who had thrown it away thinking “aiya, another marketing brochure”, here are the benefits and plan types.


plan type.png

Cancer means cancer lah, what is Early Cancer?

While usually cancer is classified into 4 stages (as below), the presence of a carcinoma in situ (a group of abnormal cells that remain in the place where they first formed. They have not spread. These abnormal cells may become cancer and spread into nearby normal tissue.) is deemed to be a Stage 0 cancer.

stages of cancer

In laymen terms, Early cancer = Stage 0, 1 and 2. Major cancer = Stage 3 and 4 (verified by a medical doctor).


With medical advancement, close to 50% of Singaporeans diagnosed with cancer of various stage have survived for at least 5 years. A 5 year cancer trends report also suggested that the age-standardise incidence rates have increased 3 folds from 23.8 per 100,000 (1970s) to 64.7 per 100,000 (2014). Our lifestyle and diet are the main contributing factors of such calamity.

Treatments cost and loss of income are some of the considerations that can affect you and your family adversely. One may have to go through surgery and countless cycles of chemotherapy during this tough times. Diagnostics tests, rehabilitation costs and CT scans are not covered by hospitalisation/medical insurance.

The purpose of this plan is to provide an IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL GUARANTEE so that the people around you can continue to support their loved ones emotionally when tragedy struck. The lump sum payout provides one with a safety net for the period without income. Here is an account of a Singaporean who have benefitted from it.

Be assured as early as you can. While you can.



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